What’s wrong with this statement?

This morning I made a code change to log some stuff in a core package and created a pull request, the change was very simple: from self.execute_command(command, cwd=os.path.dirname(infile)) to logger.debug(self.execute_command(command, cwd=os.path.dirname(infile))) One of the team lead pointed out the statement has a problem, and it was a life saver, but I won’t tell you why […]

Python OpenCV Facial Detection On OSX

Just a code snippet to demo Python script using OpenCV import cv2, time cap = cv2.VideoCapture(0) time.sleep(1) cascade = cv2.CascadeClassifier(“haarcascade_frontalface_alt.xml”) def detect(image): #faces = cascade.detectMultiScale(img, 1.1, 2, cv2.cv.CV_HAAR_SCALE_IMAGE, (20,20), (200,200)) faces = cascade.detectMultiScale(image) for _face in faces: cv2.rectangle(image, (_face[0], _face[1]), (_face[0]+_face[2], _face[1]+_face[3]), (255,255,255)) def repeat(): ret, image = cap.read() detect(image) cv2.imshow(“w1″, image) cv2.waitKey(1) while True: […]

RequireJS + Zurb Foundation

“use strict”; require.config({ baseUrl: ‘static’, paths: { jquery: ‘bower_components/jquery/dist/jquery’, foundation: ‘bower_components/foundation/js/foundation’, }, shim: { ‘foundation’: { deps: ['jquery'] }, } }); require(['foundation'], function(f){ $(function(){ alert(1); }); });

django-rest-framework: api versioning

Django Rest Framework is a very solid api framework, but it doesn’t provide out-of-box versioning mechanism, here is my attempt to implement version specific APIs. The goal is to achieve something like http://localhost:8000/api/(resource)/ http://localhost:8000/api/v1/(resource)/ plus allowing clients to specify the version in request header (X-Version), here is how we did it. Structure in side the […]

My Vim Configuration

I have been using vim for a few years now and had been using my very own vim configuration, mainly with Nerdtree and CtrlP, in the past few days I have discovered a well packaged vim configuration with lots of plugins. But shortly I discovered that the tab space is set to 2, which I […]