Laravel for Django Developers, prelude.

By | February 5, 2016

Reality is a b**ch, Python/Django jobs are scarce in New Zealand, despite how awesome the framework it is, managers and architects still choose PHP frameworks such as Silverstripe over Django, besides, Silverstripe is a CMS, not a framework. After 5 years of dedication to Django framework, I struggle to find Django jobs in New Zealand. To broaden my options, I have no choice but go back to PHP and learn a framework or two.

Of course, I am not that crazy to pick Silverstripe.

It appeared to me that “Laravel” is kind of similar to Django in the way of implementation concept, so this is my obvious choice.

I did a google search “Laravel for Django developers” and got pretty much nothing useful, sure, who would have move back to PHP from Python? I think this only happens in New Zealand.

In the coming series, I will share my journey of learning Laravel, while comparing to Django, hopefully it will help out other unfortunate Django developers like myself.


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