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Recommended fuel for Alphard 2004

My friend google doesn’t know what type of fuel is recommended for my recently bought Alphard 2004, so I asked Toyota NZ directly and they said is the recommended fuel is Octane 95, whilst using 91 it doesn’t hurt but it will not be as fuel efficient as using 95. BTW, I had always pondered… Read More »

Revisiting Home NAS

A while ago I blogged about turning an old PC into a NAS server, while it was fine and dandy it worked pretty well, until it refused to boot up again. So being data safety paranoid person, I went to purchase a NAS off the shelve, lucky PBTech had an incorrect price labelled, and I was able… Read More »

One goal reached, a few days late

I sorta set myself some goals randomly and one was trying to reach 5k points on Stackoverflow before 2016, but I was a few points short before the new years eve. This morning at mid January 2016, 25 more points added to my profile so I am over 5k goal now.