Playing HD MKV files on PS3 (Quickest way)

By | July 28, 2010

OK, I got this big ass mkv movie file (15gb) from a friend and I want to play it on my PS3, since my laptop isn’t fast enough to play it smoothly.
In order to let your PS3 play the mkv file, you will need the following:

* The MKV file
* Windows operating system
* External USB HDD, formatted as FAT32, if your HDD is more than 32GB of space, make a partition less than 32GB and format it as FAT32.
* Google “mkv2vob”, download and install it

Once you have installed “mkv2vob” and fired it up:

1. Go to the “Configuration” tab, set Video Transcoding to “Never”, Prefer subtitle language to “Never”
2. Output file extension to “M2TS”, and File Splitting to “Fat 32 4GB”
3. Go back to “Add File” tab to choose your MKV file and the Destination directory (this should be your external HDD with FAT32 drive)
4. Hit “Add File” button
5. Once the process if finished, you should see the converted files on your external HDD
6. Plugin you external HDD to your PS3, you should be able to view your converted MKV high definition movies.

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