User Experience Of Custom Android ROMs for HTC Hero (Android 1.5 – 2.2)

By | September 15, 2010

Just want to share a bit of my user experience of various custom ROMs for my HTC Hero

  1. MCR(Modaco Custom ROM) 3.2 was a solid ROM, best android 1.5 ever (used it for months)
  2. MCR Release 5, MCR version of android 2.1, it’s an okay ROM, but has a few glitches and never got fully released, development has died (used it for a couple of months)
  3. Villain 12 final, tried that, a bit bloated and sluggish (2 days)
  4. VanillaEclair 5.0, very decent 2.1 ROM, fast and sort of stable, developer promised to bring out new version but never did, I got tired of waiting (used it couple of weeks)
  5. Fusion!ROM 2.2, emm gave me some problems even full wipe, didn’t like it (uninstalled immediately)
  6. FroydVillain, Android 2.2, it rocks, latest version 1.5.0 is very stable, very fast. (currently using)

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