Say anything and say nothing on the net

By | September 21, 2010

Before the internet revolution, due to various reasons, people are afraid of speaking in public, they don’t want their identity to be revealed, for example, if you not some weird disease, you don’t want to stand up and ask everyone how to cure it. And since the Internet started to enter our doors, we found a way to express our opinion, without others knowing our true identities. That was good old days you can speak anything without embarrassing yourself… until you are introduced to Google, Facebook etc.

Lets talk about Google first, when you are logged into Google, everything you do is very possible being tracked, and congratulations to if you also installed the Google toolbar, your entire surfing experience might be shared with Google. Let’s hope Google’s employees not laughing at your weird interests.

Facebook, this community site most of the members use their real name, and you might ask so what? Have you come across the famous “Facebook Connect” button? This button allows you to use your Facebook details to log in to the “Facebook friendly” sites without going through the troublesome registration process. You might think that’s a great idea, wait till you place a comment calling someone scumbag. Ah-ha, your real name appears. And you will beg that site allows you to edit your comment, otherwise, it will stay there, and the best of all is Google’s powerful crawler stores it for a very long period of time.

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