Why am I ditching my HTC Hero for iPhone 5??

By | July 13, 2011

Cos Android sucked, on my HTC Hero. Well, actually both of them sucked.

1. Android opened up the possibility for suckers like HTC to screw with it, yes, fragmentation
2. HTC releases new phones like Nokia did, and failed to look after existing customers, big time!
3. It’s freaking slow! Keyboard lags, message app lags, everything lags.
4. No, custom ROMs cannot revive the forgotten HERO! (been there done that, running custom ROM now)
5. You might say my Hero is old, but my colleague’s Galaxy is having the lag problem too, guess what, he’s moving back to iPhone 5 when it gets released.
6. One of my colleague has an iPhone 3G with latest possible update(not the most recent one), runs smoother than my god damn HERO.

Finally, and yes, I do own an iOS device, and I am not biased. My $0.02, get an iPhone for now, wait till Google sorted its own shit out with the phone manufacturers.

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