Google owns Motorola, what does it mean to everyone?

By | August 16, 2011

By now we all know that Google has acquired Motorola Mobility, so you must wonder what will happen ?


Google now has full control on how the phones should be designed and manufactured to slimline the software+hardware integration. So the Android experience will get better in a faster pace, sooner than you would’ve thought.


Since Motorola most likely going to produce better Android phones (you don’t think so?), who is going to buy the HTC Android phones? The only option for HTC to survive is to focus on Windows phones, which leads to Nokia I am going to talk about


So if HTC is going to focus on Windows phone, then Nokia will face a very competitive competitor, given HTC has been producing Windows phones since Jesus was born. I haven’t really played with Windows phone yet, so I am not going to comment on that, but I am sure I won’t be getting a Windows phone in a while.


So, Apple & Google now have their phone factories, Microsoft seems to be a bit disadvantaged, so guess what, Microsoft will most likely to get its own too… hmmm Nokia or HTC or RIM?


Well, Apple certainly has a stronger enemy now, both in technological war and patent war.


No doubt, we will get better Android experience, on new Motorola smartphones, just like the iPhone,  and any competition will always benefits the consumers.

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