What is wrong with our educational system?

By | January 7, 2012

I am a 30 year old software developer, I have a strong curiosity on general things. recently I have been working some personal electric circuitry projects and found myself really lack of basic electricity knowledge, which were taught in high schools. Sometimes I was frustrated at myself that why I did not pay attention at my physics classes. There in lies the problem, “why”.

While we were at school, we were missing the “why” factor, we were fed by teachers with knowledge that we don’t know why we need them, whether those were tasty(interesting) or not. Slowly, we started to pay less and less attention in our classes.

One way to create the “why” factor, I think is to grow children’s hobbies, present problems, we only actively seek solutions when we encounter problems, and only through the solution seeking process, we learn.


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