Politicians shouldn’t be paid at premium until they finish their terms

By | May 17, 2013

Why do need politicians, we need them to make decision for us. How do politicians make correct decisions for us, if they live in nice big houses and don’t get stuck at traffic jams? How do they realise our problems if they don’t live our normal lives? I bet if John Key lives in Otara he would definitely do something about safety and thefts. But he doesn’t live there, nor has he been robbed, and the truth is these are not his personal problems.

I agree politicians should be paid well, to minimise corruption, but not during their terms, when they finish job then they can have their big exit payments. You corrupt, you don’t get it and go to jail.

What good will bring if they get paid like middle working class? They will suffer our day to day problems and headaches. And only making them feeling the pain, they will actually do something about it.

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