My $0.02 on the The Infinite Hotel Paradox – Jeff Dekofsky

By | January 21, 2014

I came across this video about infinity, and as usual, for the sake of being argumentative, I am going to post what I think of it, but first here is the video.

My $0.02:

  1. What this video is saying, infinity doesn’t equal infinity, while this video is trying to prove something but I think the wordings are wrong, when you say a hotel has infinite rooms and infinite guests living inside, which to me means the hotel is ALWAYS FULL, so while you magically adds rooms, I would assume the new rooms are already occupied.
  2. Some comments mentioned infinity + infinity = infinity, I say infinity can be positive and negative, so say, the negative side of the infinity 1 + the positive side of infinity 2, and the negative side of infinity 2 + the positive side of the infinity 1 actually becomes 0. This can be even simpler to say infinity is zero because the negative of itself adds the positive of itself is ZERO

Surely I am no mathematician, not even close, so laugh at my thoughts!

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