A simple architecture to consolidate the realestate websites in NZ

By | December 7, 2015

Just a business idea, while I am browsing all these real estate websites, they pretty much give the same types of information, it could be reasonable profitable to consolidate the online platform, and even cheaper option for RE companies.

I am not a sales person so I don’t know how to sell it, but it’s not hard from a technical perspective to, let’s say consolidate all real estate websites in NZ into a platform.

If we look at all these real estate listings, they basically consisted with 2 models, the “listing” and “agent”. Having those 2 models stores 90% of the information needed. Surely we are not stopping at those 2 models, we will normalise the repetitive fields into models defined such as “location” , “company”(if we e want to have just one installation to serve multiple company websites”, etc etc. I think for implementing this is using Django, creating models is a breeze and using Django Rest Framework serving as APIs.

Slapping on a comprehensive search function using ElasticSearch, easy.

Since now we have a backend and communicating via API calls, then implementing the frontends is rather a freedom of choice for different companies. Lots of options (Django, NodeJS etc etc)

Side note:

These real estate companies will most probably have their own CRM systems, might be a bit of pain the implement the integration and probably having each installation for every company is a better choice.

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