Idiot thought of time and 4th dimension

By | October 5, 2017

I was waiting for my train and I went into deep thoughts, I started to think about 3 and 4 dimensions, like I posted earlier, if you live in 4th dimension, looking at 3 dimensional world is like playing a video of 3D objects, and the “playing a video” is what we perceive as time.

My hypothesis (not being a scientist and without doing any search) is that time is merely a concept of a counter, which is different to the chronological sequence counter “CSC” (I just made this term up) in 4th dimension.

In an analogy, our world is like a running program try its best to keep track of time internally during execution, this is encapsulated and sealed within the 3rd dimension. If this running program cannot conciliate with the system clock (CSC in 4th dimension), that means the running program will eventually out of sync.

I am not aware of any ways to conciliate with the CSC nor how to measure CSC at first instance.

It seems to me “time” does not live in 4th dimension but merely our conception.

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