Django vs. Laravel

By | January 27, 2018

After been through some tutorials of Laravel, it’s quite obvious that Django pwns Laravel in any day (if you know Python). There are a lot of manual process in Laravel that Django would have made it so easy, note this is not the same “black magic” that Laravel provides.

Python vs PHP

Since I am no master of the Laravel framework, I guess a lot of limitations in Laravel could simply because of PHP itself.

There are plenty of articles to compare the 2 languages, I am not gonna reinvent the wheel.


It’s quite strange to me creating a model Eloquent (Laravel’s ORM) doesn’t specify the fields, it merely defines some meta stuff like relationships and model methods. But even the relationships are not being reflected to the migration. And oh no, you have to create the migrations by hand (I maybe wrong but that’s what I got from the manual). Unlike Django you define everything in the model class, and creates migrations automatically between changes.

It boggles my mind that how the heck you know what fields are in a particular model in Laravel, if you have tens of migrations of a model? Like working out the balance from blockchain?


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