Ecosa vs Koala, a honest personal view

By | April 12, 2018

A few months ago, my wife had long complained about her back pain and has given the ultimatum, we needed to buy a new mattress or I will have a very bad relationship. There were quite a few ads popped up in facebook for a while, and at that time I couldn’t even distingue Ecosa and Koala brand, I thought they were all the same. I googled both of them for reviews, they all pretty positive and similar, so then I compared price, happened to be Ecosa was doing bigger discounts that night so I made the purchase online. At that point, I had no idea how firm/soft both brands are, but I heard Ecosa was firmer and Koala was softer, also Ecosa has a few firmness level adjustments and I thought it’s better than one level of firmness that Koala provides.

So it took a couple of days to arrive and when we first slept on it, we felt it was a bit too firm for our liking. Saying that It’s not like sleeping on a board, just not used to how it supported our bodies. Another thing to take note is there was a subtle smell coming from the new mattress, as I read online, someone said they couldn’t stand the smell, and my wife did raise concern about the smell as well. I found the smell was okay to sleep with, and it was that bad to make my wife sleep in the lounge either. Eventually the smell went away, or we just got used to it.

OK, back to the firmness part, I couldn’t sleep through the night on the first week, I kept rolling to one side to another, so be prepared for this. My wife suggested to flip the top layer of the foam to get softer result, that was a bit of mission to do with unzipping and zipping back on a heavy mattress. It ended up a bit softer but still quite firm, we couldn’t be bothered to flip the whole mattress to get more softer result, so we decided to give a few nights and see how it goes… Luckily we managed to adapt to the firmness so I was able to get better sleep than the first few nights, what I have stopped hearing was my wife complaining about her back pain, so I guess the mattress has done its job.

When I was out at New Market, I managed to visit the Nood shop and tried the Koala mattress, I felt it was a bit too soft for me, it’s not the same soft of hotel beds that sinks you into a V shape, but it’s the soft that molds your body into the mattress, but I couldn’t conclude whether I liked it the way supported my body, since I didn’t spend a few nights at Nood, so I cannot say if it’s the right bed for me, better or worse than the Ecosa I have.

My personal feeling is that if you are after a firm mattress, go for Ecosa. If you want a luxury feel, sleep like in a cloud type of feeling, go for Koala.

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