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Firefox 7, fixed memory leak.

Everyone knows firefox has a notorious memory leak issue, and it drove me crazy as a web developer. Yes, I know Chrome exists, but it doesn’t have vimperator plugin! So, Mozilla has released firefox version 7. This particular release claims it drastically improved memory handling for certain use cases. Good news, and I went for… Read More »

My firefox memory leak has been resolved…

If you have google toolbar installed, disable it, then restart firefox. See if it improves your memory usage. It worked on mine. Hope this helps. If it works, please leave a comment and let others know.

IE9 First Run

So far it seems okay, I haven’t used IE7 and IE8 much, so I cannot say how much improvement has been made, but from the first few page loads, it seems getting close to FF/Chrome.

SmoothScroll For Chrome

Came across this Chrome extension tonight, works very well, so I thought you might be interested.