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New technology to crack down on house-flipping

Just read an article on cracking down house flipping in NZ, it says “New Zealand’s real estate watchdog is ramping up its crackdown on house-flipping by investing in new technology which allows it to track when properties have been quickly re-sold for huge profits.” So what’s the new technology is about? You would have thought… Read More »

Installing Python Mysql Adapter On Mac OSX

First download and install mysql for Mac OSX Install virtualenv, create a virtualenv and activate it Pip install mysql-python, and you will see an error “EnvironmentError: mysql_config not found” Find the mysql_config by running “sudo find / -name ‘mysql_config’” Go to your /path to virtualenv/build/mysql-python Edit site.cfg Uncomment this line “#mysql_config = /usr/local/bin/mysql_config” and change… Read More »

MySQL locate function

So everyone knows sql LIKE to search wildcard matches the criteria. How about in a situation that you need to return all the rows that has value is part of the criteria string. eg. given a full URL, return all the rows with uri_part field that values are part of the URL string. +————+… Read More »