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My Vim Configuration

I have been using vim for a few years now and had been using my very own vim configuration, mainly with Nerdtree and CtrlP, in the past few days I have discovered a well packaged vim configuration with lots of plugins. But shortly I discovered that the tab space is set to 2, which I… Read More »

Raspberry Pi home server

Bought this little device from rsonline UK, for about $60 with clear case including postage, took 2 weeks to get here. Bought an Apacer Micro SD 32gb class 10 from PBtech for about $58, you can get it cheaper from pricespy but I couldn’t wait any longer. I am a mac user so I used… Read More »

Ubuntu 10.10 usability epic fail

Well, first of all, I am not a fan of Windows nor Linux and Mac. I use Windows and Linux at work and at home, so hopefully my comment is not biased. Today, I upgraded my Ubuntu distro from 10.04 to 10.10 at home, and decided to setup the chat accounts from the top right… Read More »