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Modem file for Samsumg Galaxy S II in New Zealand

I f you are a fan of custom smartphone ROMs you would probably have battery draining problem. It could be due to your modem file is not suitable in your country and service providers. I am with 2degrees in New Zealand and have tested the following modem files: KI3 (battery drain) KL1 (battery drain) KPA… Read More »

iPhone 5 has quad core and iPhone 4s has dual core?

After seeing the this news: ASUS’ next gen Eee Pad Transformer to pack NVIDIA’s quad-core Kal-El, launch this October? I am pretty certain that in order for iPhone to stay at the technological edge, the iPhone 5 should has a quad core CPU and iPhone 4s has a dual core CPU. The question is when they… Read More »


Last night I was reading an engagdet article around Windows Phone WP7 and I saw a lot of WP7 fanboys defending the 2 years old hardware… Anyway, I came up with the word “WPhanboys”.

Why am I ditching my HTC Hero for iPhone 5??

Cos Android sucked, on my HTC Hero. Well, actually both of them sucked. 1. Android opened up the possibility for suckers like HTC to screw with it, yes, fragmentation 2. HTC releases new phones like Nokia did, and failed to look after existing customers, big time! 3. It’s freaking slow! Keyboard lags, message app lags,… Read More »

Android VS iOS

iOS: designed to make you enjoy your device while your device is in expected life span. Android: designed to make you feel angry everytime you get left out for new updates.

Word Lens, Real Time Language Translation”>httpv://

Thanks for Shawn Hamman who found this video, simply awesome!!! httpv:// Now we need the voice version of it… :p