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Nintendo Wii U What do you guys think?

PS3 Bayonetta Sucks!

I Ignored the reviews I have read about this game and bought it half price from EB Games @ $60, thought I picked up a good deal… until I started playing it… The game truly sucked, graphics was shite, gameplay was shite… Turned difficulty to easy so I could finish the game in 3 nights… Read More »

Playstation 3 Firmware update 3.41 was senseless

The whole update which Sony advertised was only adding a “recommendation” function to the PSN store, come on! Can’t you guys hold it back till a bigger update? Also, this kind of crap functionality I cannot care less.

Playing HD MKV files on PS3 (Quickest way)

OK, I got this big ass mkv movie file (15gb) from a friend and I want to play it on my PS3, since my laptop isn’t fast enough to play it smoothly. In order to let your PS3 play the mkv file, you will need the following: * The MKV file * Windows operating system… Read More »