4 dimension analogy

Was reading an article about different dimensions, especially 4th dimension is time. So what’s like being in 4 dimension world? My guess is similar to watching a movie, every frame of the world is a 3 dimensional world.

How it feels to learn JavaScript in 2016

“I need to display data on a page, not perform Sub Zero’s original MK fatality.” https://hackernoon.com/how-it-feels-to-learn-javascript-in-2016-d3a717dd577f#.67qnsecr5

Alkaline Battery Comparison

Been studying electricity lately and stumbled on to this article http://www.powerstream.com/AA-tests.htm Looks like Energizer is a clear winner.

DRY recipe on Django pagination template

Here is a quick recipe for Django templates, let’s say you are building a Django web which has many list views, and which has pagination, it’s wise to abstract the pagination template out to be reusable by all list view templates. My preference is to keep all reusable templates in a partials folder, and place the… Read More »

Django Rest Framework QuerySet

I have just created this python library so that you can query the remote api just like the Django queryset. It is particularly usefully when used in Django ListView with pagination. https://github.com/variable/django-rest-framework-queryset 

Posting image to thumbor using requests package

Seems like there are not many code sample there, and the requests documentation was giving the wrong hint to use files={‘file’: open(‘image.jpg’)} which you will end up getting 415 response code. I think I will just share my working sample code here to save someone’s time


Suppressing imported but unused warnings from flake

If you are a good python dev, surely you follow PEP8 coding style guidelines, and surely you have installed the flake8 plugin to constantly reminding yourself to format your code properly, and surely you have valid cases that you import stuff but not used, eg. __init__.py and surely your IDE will annoy the fuck out of… Read More »

Make sure you are closing the DB connections after accessing Django ORM in your threads

I was writing a service which import various feeds and then post to another RESTful API, simple enough as below:

Then the feed model:

Then run this feed in trivial code:

And you will quickly notice the threads complaining

What it’s happening is Django will create a new connection per thread… Read More »

EJB stateful vs stateless

I have been studying Java EE and I posted a question on Stackoverflow to verify my understanding of “SessionBean”, here is the summary: Stateless bean in client:

  Stateful bean in client:

  A stateless session bean, should not store a state in the bean instance, in order words, it’s class members should… Read More »