Building a shed

When we went out to parks, my daughter seemed she enjoyed playing in mini-houses,  which made me want to build one in our backyard so she can play whenever she wants.  Since it’s a bit more complicated structure than previous ones, I had to draw it up somewhere, and I used an online 3D modelling… Read More »

Mini Deck

Another retrospect to my wood work hobby, so I was looking for things to make (and make more use of the mitre saw), I managed to find a small project to do, building a mini-deck between the main house and laundry room, we used to leap across the concrete foundation between the 2 areas since… Read More »

Wood work, something that I have never done before.

This is a small post goes back to July 2016, my dad bought me an AEG mitre saw from Bunnings which I had no project in mind and have never done wood work before. So I did big clean up in the garage in the morning to make room for the to be built workshop, then… Read More »

Reading Material: Recognizing Traffic Lights With Deep Learning

A pretty good Non-AI-Experience required article talking about how to train models to recognise traffic lights. It has a few link references that will be very helpful for my future AI training/projects, eg.

4 dimension analogy

Was reading an article about different dimensions, especially 4th dimension is time. So what’s like being in 4 dimension world? My guess is similar to watching a movie, every frame of the world is a 3 dimensional world.

How it feels to learn JavaScript in 2016

“I need to display data on a page, not perform Sub Zero’s original MK fatality.”

Alkaline Battery Comparison

Been studying electricity lately and stumbled on to this article Looks like Energizer is a clear winner.

DRY recipe on Django pagination template

Here is a quick recipe for Django templates, let’s say you are building a Django web which has many list views, and which has pagination, it’s wise to abstract the pagination template out to be reusable by all list view templates. My preference is to keep all reusable templates in a partials folder, and place the… Read More »

Django Rest Framework QuerySet

I have just created this python library so that you can query the remote api just like the Django queryset. It is particularly usefully when used in Django ListView with pagination.