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Useful Django Apps – TinyMCE & File Browser

TinyMCE https://code.google.com/p/django-tinymce/ Want to add WYSIWYG editor to your TextFields? This app will sort you right out, basically this app will provide a HTMLField for you to use instead of just plain TextField and it will automatically render a rich text editor for you. It does require some basic configuration, here is a sample config in… Read More »

Useful Django Apps – MPTT

https://github.com/django-mptt/django-mptt MPTT stands for Modified Preorder Tree Traversal, which really means for working with parent child relationships, this app will do some work under hood to make travelling the relationship much quicker and easier, such as some API methods like get_ancestors() etc. Some good usage example would be, category hierarchy, family tree etc.

Useful Django Apps – South

South A data migration tool, what it really means is if you change the data model and want to keep the data in there, you will need this app. At first I thought it’s tedious for early stage development when data isn’t important (why not just syncdb??), but once I realised it’s actually quicker to… Read More »

Creating custom log handler that logs to database models in django

I was told to create some kind of logging mechanism to insert logs into database, and make sure it’s generic. So after some thought I decided to mimic the builtin RotatingFileHandler and write a DBHandler. The RotatingFileHandler allows you to specify which file to write to and rotate files, therefore my DBHandler should also allow… Read More »