Useful Django Apps – TinyMCE & File Browser

By | March 4, 2013


Want to add WYSIWYG editor to your TextFields? This app will sort you right out, basically this app will provide a HTMLField for you to use instead of just plain TextField and it will automatically render a rich text editor for you.

It does require some basic configuration, here is a sample config in

    "relative_urls": "false",
    "theme": "advanced",
    "theme_advanced_buttons1": "formatselect,bold,italic,underline,link,unlink,bullist,undo,code,image",
    "theme_advanced_buttons2": "",
    "theme_advanced_buttons3": "",
    "plugins": "paste",
    "height": "550px",
    "width": "750px",

File Browser

TinyMCE has integration with File Browser app, but the original File Browser app requires Grappelli to be installed, what if you don’t want to have Grappelli for your admin backend but still want to have File Browser within TinyMCE? There is a fork of that comes to rescue.

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