Internal SOA data transfer via memcache?

By | December 12, 2012

We have been working on a python/django project which is SOA oriented, all sites(systems) are internal and communications are done via http restful api requests. Our setup share the same set of memcache servers to cache data individually on each sub site(system).

Often when site A wants data from site B, site A makes a restful request and then system B does its logic and convert the complex data into json string, store to memcache and pass back to system A.

One idea (maybe very stupid, but I would still like to explore the feasibility) struck me is to transport data via memcache.

Surely, if the data is simple enough then going through the memcache is stupid.

My draft thinking is for complex data transfer, system A still makes the same call to B, but B stores the data to memcache and only returns the memcache key to A. Then system A would get the unmodified data from memcached. I know this makes 1 or 2 more socket calls but would it trade off the cost of serialising/unseralising the json string?

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