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尋找他鄉的故事-音樂 Valley Moons Himekami – 大地炎 Kitaro – Dance of Sarasvati

Good references for writing tests The above article talks about some anti-patterns in tests, personally I agree most of them especially anti-pattern on “Treating TDD as a religion”.

Simple ToDo API for everyone to play with

I just published a simple RESTful ToDo API to allow everyone to play with, this is typically useful for people learning Javascript frameworks that implement “TODO” feature as learning exercise. Without further ado, get started here.

Good Read: Being A Developer After 40

“In our industry, every technology generates what I call a “galaxy.” These galaxies feature stars but also black holes; meteoric changes that fade in the night, many planets, only a tiny fraction of which harbour some kind of life, and lots of cosmic dust and dark matter. Examples of galaxies are, for example, .NET, Cocoa, Node.js,… Read More »